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Eric Bates licensed massage therapist energy healer
I will be celebrating my 70th birthday this year. When I first came to Eric it was prior to tri-level spinal fusion surgery I wanted to avoid. That was not possible, but his body work helped me prepare for that surgery, and very importantly, helped me transition post-surgically. In addition, there have been several other issues his intuition and healing hands have helped with including neck and digestive problems. Eric’s training, intuitive healing abilities and care are hard to beat!
— G.R.

Who Can Benefit

The form of energy medicine I practice is especially for people experiencing physical suffering. People of all ages who are struggling with inflammation, including the types associated with the brain, gut, lungs, cardiovascular, urinary and muscular-skeletal systems may consider receiving this modality. Those with depression can benefit, as well.

Persons experiencing pain, whether chronic or acute, often receive both healing and an alleviation of their symptoms.

Although every client's experience of my work is different, there is great potential for healing a large number of inflammatory conditions.  Of course, client responses vary widely, and the number of sessions as well as the days of spacing between between is specific to each person receiving treatment.

The Inspiration That Drives My Practice

While I find the nature or 'what is' that spurs the creation of my work difficult to describe, years of meditating, receiving blessings from my teachers, engaging in massage and bodywork training, and practicing with an open heart with my fellow human beings has spawned both an energy and consciousness that seems to assist clients in their healing journey.

My training in Craniosacral Therapy, visceral bodywork, as well as western and Japanese forms of Reiki, have positively influenced and informed my energy medicine work. However, at this time, the technique that has become central to my energy-driven practice is the Bengston Method. It is especially through this method that I have been able to hone my gifts as a healing practitioner focused on the human body.

Through dedication and devotion I have committed my practice of being alive in the ever-changing body to assisting You in awakening to your already-present wholeness in yours. Body and Soul. Awake and Alive.

What a Session Looks Like

Sessions are given either via long distance connection over phone or Skype. For those in the Nashville, Tn area, I can travel to your home with my massage table in tow, if you prefer. Your location in relation to my home base in Nashville could either local or in New York, North Carolina, California or Colorado.

I also enjoy working with clients all over the globe. Whether you are in England, Africa or Israel, please know all are welcomed and appreciated.

If we are working together in person, you should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing during a session. For those of you who are comfortable with it, I include therapeutic touch based on my years of massage and bodywork training. 

The tendency for clients when they are receiving from me is to experience a profound state of relaxation. This relaxation may be both physiological and spiritual. It may be a relaxation that includes the softening of the ego, allowing a glimpse of  your potential as a fully-human being.


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